Whether you need to check currency rates for an upcoming holiday, fancy dabbling in the currency trade or require a highly optimized professional foreign exchange suite, OANDA’s website offers an accurate and fast solution.

The homepage highlights the large amount of services available and cleanly separates these services between sections labelled Traders, Travellers and Business via tabs near the top of the page. However, if you are in a rush or just need a basic conversion, above these options there is also a ‘quick converter’ which allows you to choose a conversion between twelve main currencies covering the US and Canada, Europe, and Asia.

The Trader, Traveller and Business sub-sections go into greater conversion detail and offer conversions encompassing up to 164 different currencies. In the Traveller section, currency can be converted to 20 other currencies covering all five continents and the most popular tourist and business destinations. The converter consists of two drop-down tables and a convert button. Simply select your currency in one table and the trip destination currency in the second table and click convert to be shown the conversion rate. You can then input the amount of currency to be exchanged to get a final converted amount. The converter interface is simple to use and fast, providing accurate conversions based on real-time exchange rates.

In additional to the currency converter there are a variety of tools designed to help business and leisure users keep track of currency rates. These tools are downloadable software for PDA devices and mobile phones and automatically update to show you current exchange rates. A useful tool for business travellers wanting to keep their boss happy is an expenses conversion calculator which will organise and convert spending into an MS Excel report. It also offers travelling tips, travelling checklists, safety advice (including whether a destination has any terror warnings) and guides to different countries. A simple yet handy service is a printable wallet-sized ‘cheatsheet’ to help travellers quickly convert between currencies.

If you are a trader rather than a traveller, and regardless if you have been trading foreign exchange for years or wish to start from scratch, OANDA has all the resources and tools you will need. The Trader section main page has a real-time exchange table showing the changing rates for each currency and a customisable graph to track specified currency values. For the experienced traders there are tools for depicting how real-time events will affect different currencies and their exchange rates, graphs showing the volume of buying and selling for a particular currency, and a variety of other trading services.  Novice traders can use guides to help them get started and even ‘dummy’ accounts where you can essentially play the trading game.

The services available at OANDA are extensive, yet easily manageable due to the clean design of the site and its ease of use. The conversion results are always fast and reliable and with the additional tools and features it is no surprise that OANDA is one of the most popular foreign exchange sites available online.

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