Gocurrency.com not only offers an extensive amount of currency exchange rates but also a huge amount of information on the respective countries of the currencies. It also has articles relating to various areas of the foreign exchange market; travellers, traders, investors, importers and exporters.

The currency converter for this site is located on the homepage and supports an impressive 170 currencies including some which have become obsolete. Once the required amount has been entered and both currencies selected from their separate drop-down menus, the user has a choice of converting to the current exchange rates or to see a historical analysis of the relative exchange rates. The conversion page shows the current rates and also a graph of how that rate has altered over the previous 30 days. From this point a pocket sized sheet of the exchange rate can be configured and printed. This allows the user to have a handy conversion chart on their person whilst travelling and making it easier to reckon the price of foreign goods. The historical analysis option shows how the selected exchange rate has fluctuated over a number of months and is represented as a bar chart based on the rate’s monthly average. The currencies and dates can be changed to offer more depth and the dates go as far back as January 1990.

For each of the currencies used in the converter, there is a corresponding page of information regarding the currency and the country or countries which use it. These pages can be accessed via drop-down menu at the top of the homepage; simply select information about the currency from the list to be taken to the page. These pages have detailed information on the history and circulation of the selected currency and include images of the currency in it paper and coin form. Further information about the respective currency’s country/countries is provided and covers the areas of political figures, political structures, economic factors, key industries and unique characteristics. Alongside this information is a small panel of ‘fast facts’ which offers brief information regarding the currency, a list of languages used in the country and also a small map of the country. An odd piece of information included is whether the country has an active black market for its currency. Another panel on the information page shows links to related travel articles. These cover various topics such as gratuity tipping in foreign countries, general travel advice and reviews of various cities.
The ‘articles’ section also caters for traders and investors offering analysis and predicted outlooks for exchange rates and economies. Through a free subscription, the site offers an emailed news letter highlighting financially optimum times for travelling and foreign exchange trading.
Gocurrency.com is more than just a currency converter site, it is also a veritable mine of information regarding currencies. With this extra information, its useful articles and excellent converter this website should be the first stop for any prospective traveller.

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