X-rates.com is a simple foreign currency converter offering fast and accurate results based on the latest exchange rates. The site can convert between 24 different currencies and uses the latest data provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the International Monetary Fund, updating every day with the 12 noon buying rates. The site also offers historical data relating to the exchange rates of many currencies.

The homepage displays a lot of information in clearly labelled panels making it quick and easy to find exchange rates for popular currencies. These include a small table which cross references the current exchange rates for the British Pound, Euro, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar and Australian Dollar. By clicking on the value of the required exchange rate a new page is loaded which shows a graph of the currency’s historical rate. The chosen currency can be changed and the graph can be customised to show data over a 30 day or 120 day period or an average over a given month. The data provided for the graph can also be opened by clicking on the data link and the historical exchange rates are listed. The graph and list allow a user to judge whether the exchange rate may be substantially rising or falling and therefore the user can optimise when to convert currency. A list of all available currencies is available on the homepage and clicking on any of these will bring up a table of that currency and its exchange rate against each of the other currencies. This data can be downloaded as an MS Excel spreadsheet and again, clicking on any of the exchange values, the graph for that currency will be loaded.

The actual currency calculator, however, is not on the homepage but can be accessed through a link in the homepage’s menu panel. The simple interface of the converter consists of two drop-down menus of currencies to select from and a box to type in the relevant amount. The converted amount appears in its own box. If the user is looking to convert between two popular currencies they can quickly click on the respective countries flags next to the converter to populate the drop-down menus. Once more, the historical graph of the exchange rates can be accessed and a handy popup calculator is also available.

An interesting feature of the site is a section devoted to image scans of foreign currencies in various denominations. Although not all 24 currencies supported by the site have been included, it still is handy to know what your travel money will look like.

Whether you need a quick check of current exchange rates or an extensive historical exchange database, x-rates.com is an excellent currency conversion website and presents an uncomplicated interface with some interesting additional tools.

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