Although best known as a holiday booking site, Expedia also includes an excellent and simple currency converter, worldwide weather forecasts, useful and thorough travel guides to many countries, important information regarding passports and visas, detailed road maps of the world and much more.
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X-rates.com is a simple foreign currency converter offering fast and accurate results based on the latest exchange rates. The site can convert between 24 different currencies and uses the latest data provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the International Monetary Fund, updating every day with the 12 noon buying rates. The site also offers historical data relating to the exchange rates of many currencies.

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Gocurrency.com not only offers an extensive amount of currency exchange rates but also a huge amount of information on the respective countries of the currencies. It also has articles relating to various areas of the foreign exchange market; travellers, traders, investors, importers and exporters.

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Whether you need to check currency rates for an upcoming holiday, fancy dabbling in the currency trade or require a highly optimized professional foreign exchange suite, OANDA’s website offers an accurate and fast solution.

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